Message from the President | Secondo Scanavino

We live in complex times characterized by fears and insecurities that often prevail over the search for possible positive solutions for our community. Migration flows coming from outside Europe are one of the most important causes of contemporary social distress, but we often forget that each problem hides a valuable opportunity.

The developing countries of the Mediterranean area represent a great heritage to be enhanced in the years to come and can allow Italy to return to play a key role in this geographical area.

The development of agriculture and a business culture are the central factors for the economic and social progress of these countries, where poverty is most concentrated in the rural areas from which the dynamics of migration generate.

From now on, Agricoltura è Vita (AèV), the agri-agency of CIA-Agricoltori Italiani/Italian Farmers, shall be in charge of  implementing highly professional services in the field of training of agricultural start-ups. Since May 2018, AèV is an Italian member of the AgriCord network, the International Alliance of Agencies, with the aim of extending its scope of action to the countries of the Mediterranean and sub-Saharan Africa.

In those territories AèV will play its role as a partner in agricultural development, able to provide a contribution to the containment of economic migration by creating business opportunities in synergy with Italian and European institutions.

Start up, innovation, training and assistance are the key words of the commitment that Cia-Agricoltori Italiani wants to provide to AgriCord with the birth of its agri-agency, to support the future of the younger generations and rural areas with a view to sharing and internationalizing. In the face of epoch-making challenges such as global food security and climate change, it is necessary to network with other agricultural associations and organisations. Only through dialogue, mutual collaboration, concrete cooperation and development projects can solutions be found to build a new agriculture that is increasingly sustainable, supportive and technological.

The two main areas of intervention will be the southern shore of the Mediterranean,  now at the centre of an unprecedented geo-political crisis,  and the European Balkan area, which needs support for business creation in rural areas.

In line with the AgriCord model and the vision of Cia-Agricoltori Italiani, the Farmer to Farmer approach will be at the heart of AèV’s identity, based on the enhancement of the role of local farmers’ cooperatives, thanks to equal partnerships for the co-design and implementation of initiatives.

AèV’s network of trainers will provide know-how to rural organisations, spreading the Italian business culture through direct experience in the field. The objective is to strengthen the relationship between our country and those in development, so that the entrepreneurship needs of those regions could meet the technical skills of our companies.

Among the main activities of professional training and consultancy, priority will be given to fund-raising activities and the identification of finance for the start-up and development of activities. Training courses covering a range of topics and sectors,  from agronomic to marketing, business organization or digitalization, the enhancement of typical products, attention and quality sanitary systems, will also be organized.

The activities will take place on site and remotely, through e-learning platforms but also in Italy, hosting internships of foreign farmers at companies, with the aim of training workers develop skills that can be used in their countries of origin. AeV’s activities are based on the core values of Cia-Agricoltori Italiani: an agriculture respecting the environment, widespread across the territory and fair in its distribution of value among agricultural producers, for a lasting and sustainable development.

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