Training, consulting and digitalization

The training, assistance and digitalization services offered by AèV operate for the benefit of women farmers and young farmers, members of farmers organisations (FO), cooperatives and other forms of agricultural associations, and of the local FOs.

The beneficiaries of our services are the farmers members of the FO and the managers and technical figures of the FO who, in this way, create and strengthen the services provided to their members.

Training services

In the agronomic, marketing, business organisation and production sectors, for the target areas: agritourism, typical products and collective brands, certifications, hygienic-sanitary quality systems, commercial brands.

Professional training courses and seminars delivered through frontal lectures, on site and remotely, via e-learning platform, and through study trips to Italy hosted by companies part of the CIA confederal system.


  1. For managers and technicians of local agricultural organizations and cooperatives
  2. For farmers members of agricultural organisations and cooperatives (young people and women)
  3. For local trainers

Consulting and assistance services

To support entrepreneurship both in the start-up and in the business development phases


  1. a. Support to the agricultural organization for the creation of an assistance service to the associates for the development of new enterprises – Start Up and / or increase of the added value produced;
  2. Support for the creation and development of business networks;
  3. Support for the creation of young and elderly twinning companies (twinning companies);
  4. Support for the preparation of the business plan;
  5. Assistance in identifying financial opportunities for activities’ start-up and development;
  6. Supporting new companies;

Innovation and digitalization

Training courses provided in a single portal that collects, makes available and delivers different types of content, depending on the beneficiary, with the aim of disseminating the necessary technical-scientific knowledge to achieve widespread progress in terms of digitalization and innovation. The course is delivered on site or remotely, either live or on demand, through access to pre-recorded content or FaD platform.

The goal is to develop and support:


  1. the use of digital networks for business organization, web marketing and e-commerce activities;
  2. the use of digital networks for fundraising activities;
  3. agricultural organizations and cooperatives in the dissemination of digitalization among members;