Bandiera Verde Award: It’s always March 8th!

“On this 8th of March we celebrate the commitment of Syrian women of the three associations born in the North West of Syria with the Programme: “Agricultural and Livestock support for Syrian People” of Ciheam Bari. The three Women’s Associations show the Bandiera Verde Agrimed award given to them by CIA (Italian Farmers’ Association) on 13th November, finally arrived at destination after a long journey.

Agriagency AèV is proud of the success of its partner Ciheam Bari in supporting these women, demonstrating that it is possible, through a participatory process and within the context of rural communities, to encourage the entrepreneurial attitude of women even in a situation of enduring war.

“I have gained experience that I can transfer to my children. I feel important in society. As the saying goes: “A small stone supports a mountain” (Amal, Worker at the Maarat Misreen factory)”.

Click here and find out more about the Bandiera Verde Agrimed Award 

Click here and discover the project of Ciheam Bari 

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