Do you have the requirements to become an agripooler ?

What’s the Agripool ?


The agripool is the network of Italian farmers trainers (agri-trainers) that aims to train local farmers and associations of agricultural entrepreneurs through direct experience and dissemination of Italian business culture.

Our network includes farmers who are available to:

  1. take part in training and consultancy courses as experts in the countries of destination and at a distance (e-learning)
  2. host participants of study trips and internships at their own farms in Italy
  3. create twinning partnerships with young local farmers

What are the requirements to become an agripooler?


  1. Being associated with the CIA system
  2. Owning a company
  3. Being an agricultural expert or agronomist
  4. Have a strong motivation
  5. Have gained experience in conventional or organic production in the following sectors: livestock farming, olive growing, cereal growing, arboriculture, fruit and vegetables
  6. Other production concerned: agri-energy from biomass
  7. Offering services such as: agritourism; marketing; digitalization (e.g. ecommerce, experience in business digitalization); collective brands
  8. Knowledge of English or French is desirable

Submit your application

If you believe you have the right qualifications, fill out the form and submit your application. You will be contacted if your profile is in line with what we are looking for!