CIA – Italian Farmers

It is the promoting organization of AèV.

It is one of the largest trade organizations in Europe working for the improvement and enhancement of the primary sector and for the protection of the conditions of its employees, counting on about 900 thousand members in Italy.

It has its national headquarters in Rome and is present in about five thousand Italian municipalities, with regional, provincial and zonal offices, as well as having a representation in Brussels.

It is among the members of COPA (Committee of Professional Agricultural Organizations of the European Union) and WFO (World Farmers Organization).

CIA member companies are active in all sectors of food and non-food production.

AGIA – Young Agricultural Entrepreneurs Association

It encourages policies for the creation of new businesses managed by young people, also through specific promotion campaigns, in order to propose and disseminate initiatives to ensure and secure income in agriculture, facilitating access to land and credit.

It organises cultural exchanges and experiences with other young people from European Union countries and other international organisations.

Donne in Campo

Italian association of agricultural women entrepreneurs, recognized at national, European and international level by institutions and specialized in the creation of networks of women entrepreneurs.

AIEL – Italian Association of Agroforestry Energy

Represents companies that operate along the entire wood-energy chain, from producers of woody biofuels (wood, wood chips, pellets) to producers of technologies for the production of heat and energy (stoves, fireplace inserts, boilers, cogeneration units) to installers of devices and systems.


President AèV and Cia

Secondo Scanavino

President Agia

Stefano Francia

President Donne in Campo

Pina Terenzi

President Aiel

Domenico Brugnoni

National Director Cia

Rossana Zambelli


Agri-Agency Managing Director

Cristina Chirico

Research and Training Managing Director

Matteo Ansanelli

General administration

Anna Cuccì

Project Management and Communication (Intern)

Ilenia Manetti