Agricoltura è Vita

Agricoltura è Vita (AèV) is the non-profit Association of CIA-Agricoltori Italiani, operating since 1962 for technical training, research and dissemination of knowledge for the benefit of agricultural entrepreneurs, workers, technical operators, representatives and managers of agricultural organizations in Italy. Since May 2018, AèV is the Italian Agri-Agency member of the international Agricord network. We are specialized in the realization of highly professional services in the field of training, start up and consolidation of agricultural start-ups, dissemination of innovations and digitalization for young and women farmers, creation of specific projects for the production of biomass energy.

Our activities are carried out in partnership with farmers’ organizations in the Mediterranean countries and Sub-Saharan Africa. Among our objectives there is also the strengthening of young farmers and women farmers’ associations.

The activities of AèV are certified in the quality system UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 EA37 and 29990: 2011 EA 37. For us, pursuing a modern quality management means aiming at maximizing the transferability of good practices and the satisfaction of the beneficiary.

Download the statute “Agricoltura è Vita”